The Strathspey Railway Charitable Trust is a Registered Scottish Charity (SC040498) and a Limited Company (SC346012). It was set up to finance and manage the completion of the Strathspey Railway from the railway’s present terminus at Broomhill to Grantown-on-Spey.

The Trust is managed by a Board of Directors and Trustees. As a Company it only has one member, the Strathspey Railway Company Ltd. Candidates for Directors’/Trustees’ posts have to be approved by the member; otherwise both organisations operate entirely separately.

Directors/Trustees are appointed for a period of three years and may thereafter be reappointed for a further period of three years. The maximum continuous period of service allowable is six years, following which the Director/Trustee must stand down. A period of at least 12 months must elapse before the person can be nominated to serve again as a Director/Trustee.

The current (February 2020) Directors are:

  • John Yule (Chairman)
  • Linda Coe
  • Basil Dunlop
  • Andrew McCracken
  • Tim Keats

                Secretary: Duncan Gilmour

 The Trust has a number of specialist advisors, some of whom have served as Directors/Trustees in the past. Currently these are:

                Ian Stanworth (Environmental/Project Management)

               Bert Nicholson (Business Planning)

                Mike Tough (Civil Engineering)

                Hendy Pollock (Publicity)